Kenya National Association of Social Workers (KNASW) is the professional body of social workers in Kenya. The body was founded in 1962, thereafter due to its growth, demand and clarity of membership the body was re-registered as a national association in November 1966.

The association is a member of the Professional Societies of East Africa, and is affiliated to the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), and collaborates closely with Commonwealth Organization for Social Workers (COSW).

Initially, the membership of the association included the entire Kenya social welfare workforce involved in humanitarian work including those in collective, rehabilitative and curative services. In essence this brought together nurses, probation officers, community development workers, counselors, social activists, paralegals and academia. To date most of these groups have evolved as distinct fully fledged professionals entities with their own professional bodies which  nevertheless , works very closely with social workers practitioners. Among them is probation officers, Medical technicians, nurses social work pedagogues, academia community development workers, and medical social worker.

KNASW is one, among other over 20 national associations in Africa who form IFSW African Region. Other regions are: Asia / Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America (US& Canada), all the five regions from IFSW global whose headquarters is in Berne, Switzerland.

KNASW organizational structure

National executive committee

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Organization Secretary
  • Association Organization Secretary
  • Member



Knasw Nairobi branch leadership.

1) Alice Mwangi … Chairperson
2) Kevin Ayungu Owuor….Vice chairman
3) Charles Mbugua.. Secretary
4) Beatrice Njeri Kabithi..Asst. Secretary
5) Jacinta Nanyama… Treasurer
6) Evans Omariba Nyakundi.. Organising secretary
7) Pastor Joseph Kamiti..Asst. org.secretary

Committee members;
8) Fredrick Ogutu Adero
9)Winnie Kuria.
10) Aggrey Mulera
11) Rose W. Wairegi
12) Clint Mbuthia.








KNASW commits to:-
  • Unify the Social work professionals
  • Strengthen, support, and enhance high quality Social work practice
  • Promote the development of social work standards and Ethical Values
  • Advocate and influence social policy that advance social justice and human rights
  • Promote research, capacity building and economic empowerment


KNASW’s primary functions include;
  • Promote the professional development and growth of its members
  • Nurture and maintain quality professional standards of practice
  • Advance, influence sound socioeconomic policy framework and practice
  • Provide empowerment opportunities and network services
  • Provide services that protect its members and enhance their professional status
  •  Promote high ethical values in social work practice, training and service delivery
  •  Promote research, publication, academic forums and professional linkages


The KNASW seeks to uphold the following Social work Core Values

  • Service
  • Social Justice
  • Dignity and Worth of People
  • Importance of Human Relationships
  • Integrity
  • Competence