Kenya National Association of Workers (KNASW) is the professional body of social workers in Kenya. It was founded in 1962 but formally registered in 1966, it has eight provincial branches, Nairobi being the leading branch.

The association is an affiliate of international federation of social workers (IFSW) with headquarters in Berne, Switzerland. Globally, the organization is divided into five regions namely; Africa, Asia/ pacific, Europe, Latin America and America (US & Canada). The organization holds rotational biennial global conferences; since 1968, this biennial event has been held at the following global sites;

1968 Helsinki

1970 Manila

1974 Nairobi

1976 Puerto Rico

1978 Tel Aviu

1980 Hong Kong

1982 Brighton

1984 Stockholm

1986 Tokyo

1988 Geneva

1990Buenos Aires

1992 Washington

1994 Colombo

1996 Hong Kong

2000 Montreal

2002 Geneva

2004 Adelaide

2006 Munich

2008 El Salvador

2010 Australia

2012 Melbourne

2016 Seoul

2018 Dublin

2020 Calgary

2022(decision to be made in Calgary)

2024 (Kenya has indicated interest to host)

Out of the over 95 member countries Kenya is the only African country which has ever hosted this event in 1974. The Kenyan association with support of other African countries has an intention of hosting this event in Nairobi in 2024. We expect to host over 5000 delegates from the over 95 member countries